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* A must watch wikipedia page on student politics

Student activism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
BBC page on student movement in Berma

*Links of some student organisations

*Some Political, Idiological Links


Links of Some Organisations

Some good Blogs

हिन्दी के ब्लॉग व साइटें

  • दखल
  • हाशिया
  • हंस
  • वागर्थ
  • तद्भव
  • मोहल्ला
  • अखाडे का उदास मुगदर
  • तहलका हिन्दी
  • समकालीन जनमत
  • कला कम्यून
  • चोखेर बाली
  • बकलम ख़ुद

    1. I am a student in Greece and would like to find out about the student movement all around the world

      Comment by Chris M | August 19, 2006

    2. dear CHRIS, thank you for responce. we have updated the link page. but we still feel that thre shoud be more link on students movements around the world. we want some help in this regard from the viewers.we appeal to introduce the new links and send informations and reports from your country. you can post the reports in coments or email the editor at  – editor

      Comment by parisar | August 25, 2006

    3. It is a useful site.I wish to contribute articles on India Maoism .Would you co-operate?

      Comment by Harsh Thakor | September 15, 2006

    4. a very informative and ideologicaly sound site,best of luck from:- santosh,BHU


      Comment by santosh kumar | September 29, 2006

    5. brilliant sites are but you should also add about idiological site. thanking again to you

      Comment by sandeep | October 23, 2006

    6. Hallo, we are the Students and Apprentices Union of Switzerland. We do classist tradeunionism with the young. In solidarity. SISA

      Comment by SISA | November 29, 2006

    7. check
      We have IGNITED MINDS Students Technical society

      Chaturangam Chess Club

      in our college.

      They are good positive organization halping students nurture their talents in a better way.


      Comment by Suneet | January 15, 2007

    8. forgot to mention the forums:

      Ignited minds forums

      Comment by Suneet | January 15, 2007

    9. I wish to IGNITE the young minds for bringing he changes in country. Are you wanting to cooperate with me?

      Comment by Abdul Kalam | February 20, 2007

    10. Hi Parisar!

      It is good to know that the world peoples’ struggle against exploitation and oppression is moving forward. Progressive youth and students will definitely hold a critical role in this movement.

      You left out an area in the world where important struggles are being waged – the Philippines. A century hence, it still is a tragic neocolony of U.S. imperialism. Obviously, its people has learned to fight back too.

      Here’s a link to the Philippine Revolutionary Movement as represented by the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF):

      Comment by Romie | April 20, 2007

    11. Also, here is a link to the underground Kabataang Makabayan (Patriotic Youth), the vanguard organization of Filipino youth in the national democratic revolution:

      Comment by Romie | April 20, 2007

    12. The National Democratic Front of the Philippines or NDFP is the revolutionary united front organization of the Filipino people fighting for national independence and for the democratic rights of the people.

      Here is its website’s link –

      Comment by Romie | April 20, 2007

    13. I would trade links with you, if you don’t mind linking to a Trotskyist blog. My links are not based on agreeing with me.

      Comment by Renegade Eye | July 26, 2007

    14. hi Parisar,

      i would like you to add some basic links, like the basics of communism. Where do we get proper and correct idea for a beginning ?


      Comment by Sebin | February 13, 2008

    15. plz add link:

      Comment by Leftview | November 8, 2008

    16. Please add us to your links,

      Comment by new wave | December 2, 2008

    17. I would like to inform to all concern that the Maoist movement will start from 18th October 2009 by forming Maoist Liberation Army in Manipur, North Eastern India.


      Comment by Comrade Sathouba | September 27, 2009

    18. Hi Friends,
      I want to join naxalite movement, can u pls help me?
      Rgs Rajesh.

      Comment by rajesh | February 7, 2011

    19. I want to know date of entrance exam of mass com 2013

      Comment by Shyam wardhan | January 26, 2013

    20. Communism or capitalism?
      “The development of civilization makes democracy and the humanization of mankind inevitable. The best minds tirelessly look for a new and effective form of state government that would adequately represent today’s changing society. The solution is near and the necessary resources to establish a new form of government are already available in each Nation.”

      A new political system as a real democratic revolution.

      Comment by nicholaspopov | March 30, 2013

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