parisar …………………………………………….परिसर

a forum of progressive students……………………………………………………………..प्रगतिशील छात्रों का मंच


12 year ago, on July 9, 1999, students of Tehran University, opposing the repressive measure against freedom of speech, and directly challenging the regime of Islamic republic, launched a militant mass uprising that continued for over a week. In solidarity and supportive of the students of Tehran university, students and other sections of society in different cities across the country, joined the mass protests, expressing the wide spread discontent and indignation with the regime of Islamic republic.

In response to the countrywide mass protests the regime of Islamic republic commenced on a widespread attack against the students and despatched its repressive forces to crush the legitimate and just struggle of the masses. As a result, 1 student was killed in the streets, hundreds of students were injured and at least 1500 were arrested and subjected to torture and ill treatment by the regime of Islamic republic.

But despite this savage repression, the regime of Islamic republic failed to silence the militant voice of the students. During the past 12 years, the militant struggle of the students against the reactionary Islamic regime has continued unabated.

Just over two years ago, in June 2009, following the sham presidential elections of Islamic republic, where millions of forged votes were added to favour Mr Ahmadinejhad, the oppressed masses once again using this opportunity and the intensified infighting amongst various factions of the reactionary regime, poured out into the streets expressing their opposition to the fascist regime of Islamic republic. The widespread scale of these protests, some of which were reflected through the international media, shook the ruling classes in Iran. Khamenei, the leader of Islamic republic ordered the brutal repression of the popular mass protests. The repression of this widespread movement of the people by the thugs of the regime left tens of dead and thousands injured. Thousands of protestors were arrested and subjected to medieval torture by the regime’s security forces.

During the past two years alone, with the intensification of repression and terror across the country, the numbers of political prisoners has increased. Many have been killed under torture and hundreds of political prisoners, many of which belong to movements of national minorities have been executed. Despite the savage repression that continues till today, the regime of Islamic republic has not been able to silence the militant struggles and the democratic, anti- imperialist and freedom loving aspiration of the people of Iran.

On the occasion of the 12th anniversary of the students’ uprising in Iran, we remember the heroic struggle of the students and the fallen martyrs of the past struggles. We condemn the regime of Islamic republic with all its cliques and fractions for crimes against the workers, students, women and national minorities in Iran that constitute the vast majority of the people of the country.

We call on all progressive and freedom loving people across the world to extend their solidarity and support for the just struggle of the people of Iran.

Down with Islamic regime of Iran!
Free all political prisoners in Iran!
Long Live International Solidarity!
Activists of Peoples Fadaii Guerrillas of Iran – London
Democratic anti-imperialist organisation of Iranians in Britain



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