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Fact-finding Report On Tamaka and Basangmali Encounter in Odisha


The so- called encounter in Basangamali Hills in Kashipur block of Raygada Dist. on 9th January 2011 was a clear-cut genocide by the state to serve the corporate interest. To terrorise local adivasis and dalits and suppress their ongoing movements against the large scale displacement by Vedant and Utkal Alumina Company, the so-called encounter was organized by the state in the name of operation Green Hunt against the downtrodden people and their organizers, who are supporting the peoples’ cause, peoples’ rights over their livelihood and natural resources as supported by Indian constitution. This is the view shared by the fact finding team organized by Odisha Janabadi Lekhak Sangh,Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee and Banvashi Surkhshya Parishad, Kandhmal.

After the visiting the near by villages on the Basangmali hills and the families of murdered persons in the so called encounter and after discussing with the villagers we came to know that in the early morning around five to six o’clock police force fired from both sides from the top of hills to attack on a Maoist political-cultural team. The killing spot is one kilometer down from the Basangmali village, where the team camped near Somajharan (stream). The police force arrived the spot through Sikharpai root in the early morning around 6 a.m. At first they had thrown the grenades and then non-stop fired to kill directly the team without asking for surrender or trying to catch them. In this genocide nine members of the team headed by D. Srinivas alias Rabi (Rabi,Umashankar Behera alias Lenju,Kailash,Dikisha,Nirmala Miniaka,Kamala Miniaka,Rinki ,Karuna Miniaka.Mamata Sikakka)were killed brutally. On the other side no police person were injured or killed. So the question of encounter with the Maoists as declared by the police authority in the media is not at all believable.

As per the discussion with the villagers the ‘Maoists’ reached at Basangmali village on 8th January at around 8 a.m and collected kitchen utensils from the villagers camped at Somajaran stream. In the evening they came to village and organized a meeting about the livelihood issues of tribals and the question of displacement caused by proposed mining in Kashipur and Niyamgiri areas by performing revolutionary songs and dances. On the killing spot we fond a piece of paper on their written a song on Niyamgiri to raise their voice against Vedanta Company and Odisha government. The songs revealed their revolutionary political-cultural identity. According to the villagers these people were working for poor and agitating the cause of people. They were never engaged in any armed activities. After killing of the team members, an atmosphere of mourning among the people like the death of their kith and keens, we saw the same tears and fires in the eye of people gathered at Baringa on the occasion of tribal’s traditional “Sudhi Kriya” of the four minor girls of the same village organized by Vashundhara Surkhsha Smiti and Prakitik Sampada Surkhsa Parishad, who are fighting against the displacement by Uttkal Alumina Company since long. In this genocide on the hills of Basanmali seven tribals from which five minor tribal girls were killed which reflects the attitude of the state towards the poorest of poor, the adivasis, who are expressing their dissent views on the so called developments. This type of killing to suppress their right to agitation does not support a healthy democratic system as for the recent comments by the Hon’ble Supreme Court on Maoist leader Azad’s fake encounter case that constitutional governed Republic India will not allow to kill its own children. But that has not reflected in our state. After the killing police has terrorized village people in their gun point and threatened to bring the dead bodies of Maoists from killing spot to village. The so-called encounter of Basangmali hill is clearly violating the constitutional and democratic rights of the people.

In this respect the fact-finding demands as follows:

1. Register an FIR under Section 302 IPC on the policemen responsible for the fake encounter killing at Kashipur on 9th January 2011.
2. Give Rs 25 lakhs compensation to the families of nine persons, who were brutally killed in this fake encounter.
3. Withdraw all the Para-military and state police forces from the tribal areas and stop ‘Operation Green Hunt’.

4. Scrap all the MoUs made with the national and multi-national companies.

Lenin Kumar

(Janabadi Lekhak Sangh)

Narendra Mohanty

(Banabasi Surakshya Parishad)

A. Annapurna,D. Suresh Kumar,CH Chandrasekhar,K. Narayan



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