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Long Live People’s Movement of Kashmir

We salute the ongoing heroic people’s movemnet of Kashmir.The dacronian Indian state is killing the kashmiri people every hour of the day.whereas leaders like chidambaram are issuing statements that ‘security forces can not keep restrain unilateraly’.The so called “mainstream media” is spreading false stories to mislead the indian people. But the truth is that we are witnessing a great people’s movement for the national liberation of Kashmir.
This is the picture of the dead body of an 8 year old child, who was coming home after playing cricket with his friends in a neighboring ground today evening, beaten to death by CRPF, now this child! do u think he was an LeT millitant? or was he a mobster!? he would have hardly known what death is!
Amidst the atrocites of security forces the people of kashmir are defiant. when we are writing these lines news of protests and firing are appearing every minute even in this late hour of night.
In this time there is an urgent need to mobilise support for the resistance of the kashmiri people. the democratic and progressive students and people of india should not remain silent. We appeal all the democratic, progressive and revolutionary people of india to join hands with kashmiri friends. mobilise support for the kashmiri people,organise protest programmes against the state repression in kashmir,and hold public meetings to break the silence. Since indian media is fabricating lies we are posting some links for the better understanding of the present situation – Editor

2. kashmir media service
5. kashmir book : it is a facebook page giving reports in every 15-20 minutes


August 3, 2010 - Posted by | articles, movements, news, statements


  1. it is really high time for india to stop turning a blind eye on kashmir! i burst into tears when i saw this picture! which NDTV never showed to me! i mean, this is a clear oppression, suppression, violation of human rights and what not! even if people say kashmiris dragged us (pandits) out of kashmir! and usually report it as the main reason of indias brutality over kashmiri muslims! if we are the reason for this! i wish we had never existed! we were never forced by kashmiri brothers to leave kashmir! theres a long enough history which i am sure every just person knows!

    the only thing noticeable to me right now is the bruises of feet on this litte boys chest! i am terrified, i cant think of anything else! seeing his little hands having clear burning marks of cigarette bits. my patriotism has literally shaken! seeing this! is this the india, i was proud to be a citizen of?

    Comment by Vijay Bhan | August 3, 2010

  2. Mr Editor

    you and whole bunch of supporting ideologue of you have gone mad. you cant see it in day light that this whole anti-indian protest is orchestrated by the the Islamist hardliner. you think, being progressive is synonymous with pro-islamist and anti-indian. These are the reason why you people loose support in indian mass.i will wait for the day when your same progressiveness would get any acceptence from J&K islamist.

    Comment by Amit | August 4, 2010

  3. Dear Amit
    > I just wondered how did you see (quoting you) “in day light that this whole anti-indian protest is orchestrated by the the Islamist hardliner” that others cant see, even from the lens of Indian Media..plz tell us if u know.
    > plz tell me is it Anti Indian or Anti goverment/force? or is it Anti killikngs and suppression.
    > Has it become fasion to say “Islamist Hardliner”?? What u mean by “Islamist Hardliner”
    > So you think being Pro-Islam is Anti Indian, which means Muslims not Indians according to u?
    > which statistics or news to say that these people “the Blogger” tells you that India mass does not support people who speak for the support? who according to is Indian mass the upper caste few who rule Politics, bureaucracy, corpoates and Media?
    >>>I think you dont even follow the popular indian Media to know that kasmiries have all acceptance for all pro-Human thinkers….
    Jai Insaaniyat…Jai Duniya

    Comment by zahir | August 4, 2010

  4. i cant agree more amit. neither can all my friends who’ve read all this!

    Comment by surbhi | August 4, 2010

  5. dear amit, this is not anti india protest. but it is protest against indian expansionism. do you support the forced occupation of kashmir by indian state? the fact is that kashmir is the most militrised place of the world because of the indian expansionism. the present movement is the assertion of the right of self determination of the kashmiri people. the people will fight untill indian rulers recognise this right. instead of recognising there fundamental right of self determination indian state is forcing the security forces to kill protesting people.
    we should understand that the sovereignity of kashmir lie in kashmiri people. they only have to decide about the kashmir, who are you to decide to them. you are no one to say that the people should beleive in islam or not. whenever thier dream of independent kashmir realises, only they have to decide weather it will be an islamic republic or not. why are you waiting for progressiveness getting accepted in kashmir when in the same breath you are refusing to accept it in india.

    Comment by Kuldeep Prakash | August 4, 2010

  6. Dear Editor,

    Your article is much appreciated. I think we should use our education to be more aware of the happenings in and around us today.

    There is gross human rights violations being committed by the government of jammu and kashmir backed by the central government.

    It is outrageous that in so called largest democracy the citizens of J & K are not being allowed to voice their opinion and are being quashed by the humongous presence of troops armed with not only weapons but draconian laws like AFSPA and PSA (which are being misused). Please note that besides the 700,000 odd troops present – 19 more CRPF companies have arrived in Srinagar today, Army was called in recently to the city, there has been a curfew imposed to silence the people, and it is stones versus guns.

    May peace prevail.

    Comment by Ruman | August 5, 2010

  7. four brutally killed in indiscriminate firing in an hour! i tried to put my emotions in a few lines as under:

    A mothers tears, a fathers loss, a Brothers pain, a sisters agony, a sons despair, a daughters gasps, a friends silence, an eerie silence, the sound of a bullet, a wailing sound, agnoised screams of he is dead, a frenzied crowd, the shrouded dead, the mourning families, deserted streets, downed shutters, blood filled drains, shattered window panes, birds looking for food, neighborhoods in gloom, he was 9, he was 15, he was 18, he was 25. Hands wringing, waiting in silence, so much pain. How can you not cry, how can you not feel it? So much suffering, the impotent leaders 1inked to all this pain, with their dead conscience. The sublime thread binding kashmiris together PAIN. You can feel, it breathe it and see it.
    Welcome to Kashmir
    the paradise of PAIN!

    “Our hearts still ache in sadnes, And secret tears still flow, What it meant to lose someone, this world will never know.” – a family member of a youth who was killed in so called “police action”

    i live in malaysia, and i am presently in india! i came accross this page i kept reading the posts every minute and i came out of the mist of bias, indian media has put over the issue! i support kashmiri people! and their genuine FREEDOM STRUGGLE!

    Comment by senathirajan | August 5, 2010

  8. dear senthi, i am shocked to see my own words copied here, u shud not plagiarise and give credit to where u copied it from.

    Comment by Abu Hisham | August 5, 2010

  9. dear kuldeep prakash

    i think you should read the history of communist movement in Muslim majority i understand from ur commnet, for u only people of valley are ‘Kashmirees’ !!

    your ignorance about history of kahmeer is also very deep. kashmeer history does not begin with 1947 or 1948 or 1989….

    and finally, through your logic only. hindu hardliner demands that India shud b a Hindu Country.

    u should decide that wat is more progressive for ppl, either indian secular democracy or islami shariya if hardliners ?

    Comment by Amit | August 5, 2010

  10. dear amit,
    there is a vibrant history of communist movement in ‘muslim majority countries’ do you know suharto the puppet of your beloved americans butchered 10 lakh communists in indonesia. who does not know the history of glorious movement of communist party of malaya. who does not know about the stong communist movement of iran in 70’s. even in india the leaders like hasrat mohani was active even before the inception of communist party.
    by the way the debate was not about communist was about the right of self determination of kashmiri people.
    you said the history of kashmir does not start from 1947, indeed that is the point. kashmiris never accepted indian subordination in history.even in the time of akabar they resisted the moghul saltanat. even today you can find folk songs depicting the stuggle of the people against delhi saltanat and betrayal of the rulers.
    get your history lesson right mr amit.
    and finally we indians have to decide weather india will be a overtly hindu country or not. kashmiris are not coming to decide.
    by the way your advani has already declared it a hindu country.
    i want to ask one question. what do you think will happen in that hindu country which is not happening in this ‘secular democracy,?

    mobsters and rioters of gujraat and 84 are still free and enjoying power, killing people in fake encounters. demolitiors of babri masjid are free, one of them was our home minister and many of them are our manniya parliamentarians.

    what except this will happen in a hindu country?

    Comment by Kuldeep Prakash | August 5, 2010

  11. Dear Kuldeep

    How did you write ‘your Adwani’? is this your way of debating with someone. do you think all ppl those are against you and islamist hard liner of Kashmeer are Hindu Hardliner. if it is so, it shows your underlying communal intention.

    i think you dont read anything except party literature. Your False History begins with Akbar !! you are mentioning the anti Mughal folk song, in the same way some ppl are mentioning the anti-maleksh folk song !! it’s not strange thing…

    you are mentioning communist movement in Islamist country, why dont you mentioning their fatr in those country ? you did nt tell us according to you who is more progressive FUndamentalist or Capitalist ?

    and you did nt answer about your cunning idea of Kashmeer ? does it cinclude only Valley ?? why ??

    Comment by Amit | August 5, 2010

  12. On August 15, India celebrated independence from the British Raj. But Kashmiris staged a bandh demanding independence from India. A day symbolising the end of colonialism in India became a day symbolising Indian colonialism in the Valley.

    As a liberal, i dislike ruling people against their will. True, nation-building is a difficult and complex exercise, and initial resistance can give way to the integration of regional aspirations into a larger national identity — the end of Tamil secessionism was a classical example of this.

    I was once hopeful of Kashmir’s integration, but after six decades of effort, Kashmiri alienation looks greater than ever. India seeks to integrate with Kashmir, not rule it colonially. Yet, the parallels between British rule in India and Indian rule in Kashmir have become too close for my comfort.

    Many Indians say that Kashmir legally became an integral part of India when the maharaja of the state signed the instrument of accession. Alas, such legalisms become irrelevant when ground realities change. Indian kings and princes, including the Mughals, acceded to the British Raj. The documents they signed became irrelevant when Indians launched an independence movement.

    The British insisted for a long time that India was an integral part of their Empire, the jewel in its crown, and would never be given up. Imperialist Blimps remained in denial for decades. I fear we are in similar denial on Kashmir.

    The politically correct story of the maharaja’s accession ignores a devastating parallel event. Just as Kashmir had a Hindu maharaja ruling over a Muslim majority, Junagadh had a Muslim nawab ruling over a Hindu majority. The Hindu maharaja acceded to India, and the Muslim nawab to Pakistan.

    But while India claimed that the Kashmiri accession to India was sacred, it did not accept Junagadh’s accession to Pakistan. India sent troops into Junagadh, just as Pakistan sent troops into Kashmir. The difference was that Pakistan lacked the military means to intervene in Junagadh, while India was able to send troops into Srinagar. The Junagadh nawab fled to Pakistan, whereas the Kashmir maharaja sat tight. India’s double standard on Junagadh and Kashmir was breathtaking.

    Do you think the people of Junagadh would have integrated with Pakistan after six decades of genuine Pakistani effort? No? Then can you really be confident that Kashmiris will stop demanding azaadi and integrate with India?

    The British came to India uninvited. By contrast, Sheikh Abdullah, the most popular politician in Kashmir, supported accession to India subject to ratification by a plebiscite. But his heart lay in independence for Kashmir, and he soon began manoeuvering towards that end. He was jailed by Nehru, who then declared Kashmir’s accession was final and no longer required ratification by a plebiscite. The fact that Kashmir had a Muslim majority was held to be irrelevant, since India was a secular country empowering citizens through democracy.

    Alas, democracy in Kashmir has been a farce for most of six decades. The rot began with Sheikh Abdullah in 1951: he rejected the nomination papers of almost all opponents, and so won 73 of the 75 seats unopposed! Nehru was complicit in this sabotage of democracy.

    Subsequent state elections were also rigged in favour of leaders nominated by New Delhi. Only in 1977 was the first fair election held, and was won by the Sheikh. But he died after a few years, and rigging returned in the 1988 election. That sparked the separatist uprising which continues to gather strength today.

    Many Indians point to long episodes of peace in the Valley and say the separatists are just a noisy minority. But the Raj also had long quiet periods between Gandhian agitations, which involved just a few lakhs of India’s 500 million people. One lakh people joined the Quit India movement of 1942, but 25 lakh others joined the British Indian army to fight for the Empire’s glory.

    Blimps cited this as evidence that most Indians simply wanted jobs and a decent life. The Raj built the biggest railway and canal networks in the world. It said most Indians were satisfied with economic development, and that independence was demanded by a noisy minority. This is uncomfortably similar to the official Indian response to the Kashmiri demand for azaadi.

    Let me not exaggerate. Indian rule in Kashmir is not classical colonialism. India has pumped vast sums into Kashmir, not extracted revenue as the Raj did. Kashmir was among the poorest states during the Raj, but now has the lowest poverty rate in India. It enjoys wide civil rights that the Raj never gave. Some elections — 1977, 1983 and 2002 — were perfectly fair.

    India has sought integration with Kashmir, not colonial rule. But Kashmiris nevertheless demand azaadi. And ruling over those who resent it so strongly for so long is quasi-colonialism, regardless of our intentions.

    We promised Kashmiris a plebiscite six decades ago. Let us hold one now, and give them three choices: independence, union with Pakistan, and union with India. Almost certainly the Valley will opt for independence. Jammu will opt to stay with India, and probably Ladakh too. Let Kashmiris decide the outcome, not the politicians and armies of India and Pakistan.

    Read more: Independence Day for Kashmir – Full Story – Swaminomics – SA Aiyar – Opinion – Home – The Times of India

    a very precise and unbiased article by a responsible indian!
    source :

    Comment by senathirajan | August 5, 2010

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