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Interview with Ram Bahadur Thapa ’Badal’

Politically, CPN-Maoist has already been victorious

Ram Bahadur Thapa ’Badal’
– Secretariat Member of Central Committee, CPN-Maoist

Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ is a secretariat member of the central committee of Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist. He is also the coordinator of the candidate selection committee of the party for the upcoming Constituent Assembly election. Badal, who has spent more than three decades of his life in the politics, is also competing in the CA election. We are posting an interview with him from Red Star after filing the nomination and about the task he has accomplish of selecting candidates.

How are you feeling to be the candidate in the election of epoch making phenomenon Constituent Assembly?

To express my personal feeling, I have taken it as a serious responsibility as a candidate. Our party and our cadres have given me the responsibility of a candidate for the upcoming election; it has made me more responsible. On the other hand, the constituent assembly election is a movement itself, Party and people have sent me on the frontline of this movement. Therefore, this responsibility has made me both serious and exciting.

Had you ever imagined that you will compete in the election after fighting more than a decade of People’s War?

Constituent Assembly is the process of building new Nepal. We are advancing through the Constituent Assembly as the process of institutionalising new Nepal by the representatives elected directly in the participation of the people. We raised the agenda of the CA through revolt and movement; institutionalized it and we are in the stage of its implementation. The process has been advanced ahead to carry out movement up to conclusion. Therefore we had imagined the outline long before. We are certainly happy because the process of the CA election as we had imagined, has been institutionalized and it has taken its practical form.

How is the condition of Party in your district and constituency?

I am competing from the No. 2 constituency of Chitwan district. Chitwan is a meeting-point of Nepal, which comprises all the caste and the confluence of culture. The district has sacrificed more than 100 lives in the course of people’s war and people’s movement. Therefore, the influence of our party is better from the political point of view. We will win in the election on the basis of information that we have received. Chitwan has given birth the leadership of the entire nation. We pride on that she has given birth to the Chairman of CPN-Maoist.

Some people say that CPN-M has no experience of the election. They argue that due to this reason, Maoist will be defeated in the upcoming election. What do you say?

This is the expression of hopelessness of the enemies. They have accepted that the agendas that were put forward in the period of 10 years People’s War by CPN-Maoist have been victorious. All the agendas of constituent assembly, republic, federalism and autonomy are the agendas of CPN-Maoist. From the political point of view, CPN-Maoist has been victorious. Only the task is to complete and institutionalise the victory. Therefore, these kinds of version, allegation and the expression of hopelessness of our opponents.

CA election is organized mainly to write a new constitution. What type of constitution will you promise to make among the people?

We have shared our imagination of a new Nepal with Nepali people where there will be abolition of feudalism and imperialism monopoly. Feudalistic and imperialistic repression and interference will be tolerated no more. We want to create new Nepal of a harmonious unity of class, nationality, gender and region. We want to guarantee their equal participation in building new Nepal. Therefore, we want to build a federal democratic republic with its autonomy when making the new constitution. There will be caste and regional autonomy.

You are the coordinator of the candidate selection committee. Which subjects are given priority in selection of candidates for the proportional and first past the post election system?

We have guaranteed the candidacy on the basis of the proportional representation of caste, class, region and gender, the population of caste and region for the proportional representation. We have also selected the candidates on the basis of the agreement of election commission and the political parties. We have made inclusive system as our principal basis for first past the post election system. We have selected the candidates for the proper representation of class, caste, region and gender according to our commitment.

But after all these developments, what will happen if the election is not held?

Constituent assembly is the campaign of institutionalising the republic in practice. It is a movement. Therefore, the CA election is the process to institutionalise the republic peacefully and in a ‘legal’ way. If the process is restrained by feudalists and imperialists, people will advance ahead through the other way. That means republic will be institutionalized through people’s movement.

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