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On Stalin

Some months before we posted an excellent article of Joseph Ball “Did Mao Really Kill Millions in the Great Leap Forward?” the article was very much appreciated by our readers. it countered the propaganda of western imperialists on the roll of Mao.we asked Mr Joseph if he had done similar work on Stalin.he replied us through mail as following.

Dear Parisar
I have researched the issue of Stalin. I’m not convinced by the so-called ‘archival’ evidence that Stalin had so many executed in the Purges. This evidence seems to have emerged during political campaigns by Khruschev, Gorbachov and Yeltsin against Stalin’s legacy (e.g. Khruschev circulated archival ‘evidence’ that Stalin had killed such large numbers when he was fighting his power struggle against those perceived to be more pro-Stalin). However, I am not in a position to come up with anything definitive about this, as I don’t speak Russian and can’t go through the archives. (One person who can-the academic Grover Furr has pointed out that some of the documents found in the Russian archives are falsified-though he has not tried to authenticate the documents I am mainly discussing.) What I am in the process of doing is addressing some questions to (the less right-wing) Russian archival researchers. I hope to publish an article about this next year.

Needless to say whatever the status of different documents in the archives this business of Stalin having murdered millions is rubbish and there was never any evidence for it. We are challenging the notion that he was responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths as he prepared the country for a war against imperialism and Fascism that led to the deaths of tens of millions of Soviet citizens and would have led to the complete enslavement of the rest, not to speak of the destruction of world civilisation-but for the Soviet peoples victory against Germany.
Best Joseph.


October 21, 2007 - Posted by | articles, History, marxism-leninism-maoism


  1. Stalin didn’t really kill millions. Stalin arrested Trotskyites, fascists and other traitors who conspired against Soviet government. Some of them were sentenced to death. Some of those conspirators died in gulags (prison camps) due to lack of food and medicines. Some of those culprits even escaped from gulags. Khrushchev freed many of those culprits from gulags. He even realeased Nazi war criminals from prisons. Khrushchev had done ugly propaganda against Stalin because he was a fan of Hitler. Gorbachev was also open fan of Nazism. Statues of hardcore Ukrainian fascist leader Stepan Bandera were installed in Ukraine during Gorbachev’s era. Gorbachev didn’t hide his pro-fascist mentality.

    Comment by Marthanda | October 21, 2007

  2. I am webmaster of I also know about pseudo anti-fascists who believe all the lies directed by Nazis on Stalin. I faced the same experience with some Trotskyites.

    Comment by Marthanda | October 21, 2007

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  4. Dear Parisar, i’m pleased to find such a great and true material and struggle for communism…………keep it up communist will win because capitalism is on its end! Stalin is the symbol of real communist struggle he fought against fascism and poverty and wars as well he was great and he will remain alive in the hearts and thoughts of poor working class all over the world. the capitalist bosses always criticise the Stalin n Mao because they are afraid of their ideas and followings.

    Comment by khan | July 3, 2010

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