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Communist Party of Pakistan to launch armed struggle

Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) has decided and announced publicly that it would launch arms struggle against the Government, if Martial Law is now imposed by the Army and General Musharraf in Pakistan.

This was stated in a policy statement by the Central Chairman of the Communist Party of Pakistan, Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik here today.

He said that if the Army and General Pervaz Musharraf would follow unconstitutional steps by imposing Martial Law in the country in the coming days, the Communist Party would then leave the path of democratic norms and would resist the Martial Law tooth and nail by launching arms struggle against the Martial Law in whole of Pakistan.

The CPP Chairman vehemently stressed and said that the Army and General Musharraf, who are ruling this country on one pretext or the others for almost 35 years out of 60 years since independence of Pakistan from British Empire in 1947, has now in fact lost the credibility in the eyes of the down trodden and poor masses of Pakistan.

They are now ruling the country with the help of elites and those politicians, who are in fact traders and ‘turn coats’ politicians, for whom people have no respect for them at all.

The turn coats politicians like the President Pakistan Muslim League Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, Federal Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad and others, who are supporting Military regimes and General Musharraf are warning the public that if the Supreme Court gives an anti judgment concerning the controversial Presidential election of General Musharraf, martial law would be imposed in Pakistan.

In fact by such like statements, they want to pressurize the Supreme Court of Pakistan for deciding the Musharraf’s case in his favour keeping the law of necessity. It is a message to Supreme Court by them not to decide the Justice (Retd) Wajid-ud-din Ahmad petition’s against General Musharraf on merits.

Engineer Jameel requested the Supreme Court to take suo motu notice of such contemptuous statements by Federal Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad and others immediately.

CPP fully supports the armed struggle launched by the communists in various countries of the world. Engineer Jameel said that the arms struggle by the communists in Nepal against the monarchy is near to end now and the communists will soon over throw the monarchy for ever in Nepal.


October 18, 2007 - Posted by | articles


  1. dear mr chairman Jamil malik, we met regularly in supreme court during the chief justice case. i intend to become an active member of the CPP, as i told u so many times. but unfortunatly neither i have ur contact number nor we met in near days. so please sent me ur number and tell me how can i become a regular member of yours

    Comment by syed wiqas ahmad | November 24, 2007

  2. Mr. jamil malik,,,On Nov.03 2007 , President Musharraf had imposed emergency rule,,, where has gone your threat of armed struggle..

    Comment by FAROOQ AHMED | July 16, 2008

  3. don’t u have seen the threats laying under Marxism! we are not ready to bear the clutches of stlline and lenin…..

    Comment by safeena | July 23, 2009

  4. bahut hi sarthak aur sachai ko samanelene vali kavita hai aapki.

    Comment by chandrapal | September 8, 2009

  5. dear chandrapal
    this post is not about any poem.

    Comment by parisar | September 8, 2009

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