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Youth Movement in Turkey

New Democrat Youth- Turkey

(New Democrat Youth is an anti-imperialist, anti-fascist, anti-feudal youth organization of Turkey.The goal of NDY is raising the revolutionary youth movement which is on the side of the New Democratic Revolution in Turkey and Turkey’s Kurdistanin. In this article NDY is giving the introduction of the present conditions of Turkey and the position of Youth Movement in Turkey.)

Our country is located between Europe and Asia and surrounded by Middle East, Balcans and Caucasia. So, it is an important country for imperialism, especially for the US imperialism. In our semi-feudal, semi-colonial country, there is a fascist dictatorship of comprador bourgeoisie and big landlords. In our country, where more than 70 million people are living, there are many people from oppressed nationalities like the Kurdish nationality. But any other language or culture apart from Turkish language and culture is forbidden in our country. So the right of self-determination is one of the most important duty of the new democratic revolution.

Our country is a semi-colony of different imperialist countries, especially the US imperialism. This is a reality from the foundation of the Republic. US is bombing Iraq from it�s military bases that are located in Turkey. Also these bases are big threat for the peoples of the Middle East. Country�s economy is controlled by IMF. Large masses is trying to live in poverty and starvation. Economy is in a deep crises. Any economic wind in any part of the world effects our country as a storm. With the privatisations in last years the unemployment rate increased, the effect of imperialist monopolies rised. Reactionary reforms have been applying by the pressure of imperialists of European Union.

There has been a sharp class struggle in our country since 70s. Because of the fascist system, the armed struggle has always been an essential way of struggle and today, state organizes big military operations to stop the guerrilla war that has given in mountains. More than 70 thousand revolutionary and communist died, hundred thousands imprisoned and tortured in last 35 years. Today in our country there are about 10 thousand political prisoners that are resisting against the isolation policies of the state. During the struggle against the isolation in prisons, more than 150 revolutionary and communists have martyred. The mass organizations and mass activities that are organized by the revolutionary democratic masses have been facing with the oppression of the state. So in some periods, revolutionary movement is going backward and in some periods the movement is moving forward. But the guerrilla war in the mountains and the mass activities, strikes and militant protests in cities could not be stopped. The suicide of Hrant Dink who was a democrat Armenian journalist in our country is an important example to this oppression and to the mass movement. In his funeral more than 200 thousand people gathered together to show their hatred to this fascist attack and filled the streets chanting the slogan of �All of us are Armenian� for the first time in 90 years after the Armenian Genocide. ………..

In our country the character of the revolution is the new democratic revolution. The new democratic revolution which will bring independence, people�s democracy and freedom to our country on the way of socialism and communism will create a industrialised and self sufficient country and will try to solve national, cultural and gender questions. New Democrat Youth is supporting the struggle for new democratic revolution and it�s way- The People�s War, by raising the anti-imperialist, anti-fascist and anti-feudal youth movement. We are trying to organise the youth in universities, high schools, factories and villages with the revolutionary connsciouness. We continue our struglle as a semi-legal organization against all kinds of oppressions and imprisonments.

There are serious attacks against the youth in our country. Especially under the leadership of European Union imperialism and according to the Bologna Process, reforms bring the privatisation of education. So educational institutions could work for imperialist monopolies to get more profit. The Council of Higher Education is ruling the universities in our country. This Council is responsible for the reactionary, fascist, chauvenistic education in universities. Also, with the investigations, it makes pressure over the youth that is organized in revolutionary democratic movement and takes the right of education from thousands of youth who fight for their rights. Today, the struggle against this council is an important agenda of the youth. Student associations in universities face with oppression and in many universities there is not any student association. Revolutionary democratic students fight for autonomous, democratic, scientific, free, people oriented education. Also in these years, with some reactionary reforms, the working rights of youth after the university has been taken back by the sovereigns. They force youth to work for imperialist monopolies with a low salary and without any job security and trade union. Defending of our educational and working rights are important agendas of our movement.

We, the New Democrat Youth give importance to raise the anti-imperialist youth movement. We defend the developing of the relations of anti-imperialist youth organisations in regions and in world wide. Because of this, ILPS is an important role. We try to to introduce ILPS to the progressive organizations in our country and try to develop our relations with the members of ILPS in other countries. We salute all of our comrades and friends with our revolutionary feelings.

New Democrat Youth- Turkey

March 2007


March 12, 2007 - Posted by | articles

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  1. hi friend,
    i read this article, the very feeling i got form this is all the reactionary states over the world are same in character and only and the only thing people all over have to do is to uproot these systems through a well organised movements.i appriciate the movement in turkey and all others should follow suit.

    Comment by shyam sundar | March 20, 2007

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