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The Relevance of Bhagat Singh’s Ideas

“The British are rocked, their roots ave been shaken. There will be an agreement and they will leave this land in about fifteen years, but the people won’t be benefited in anyway. Many years will pass in confusion. Then the people will recall me.”
So said Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh, a few days before he was
hanged to death in 1931. His prophecy proved true and about sixteen years later,in the year 1947, an agreement was struck and the British moved out entrusting the reins to the ‘Indians’. Thus power got transferred ‘from the whites to the coloureds’. Now many years, nearly six decades, have passed in anarchy. Now,
more than ever the oppressed and exploited people and their true
representatives are evoking him.
This year patriots, democrats and revolutionaries are observing the 75th year of martyrdom of Bhagat Singh,Rajguru and Sukhdev as also Bhagat Singh’s 100th birth anniversary. This year is not only the birth centenary of Bhagat Singh but also of Rajguru (15th May 1907).This is also the centenary year of Chander Shekhar Azad’s birth (27th July1906). The celebrations are not being held
as a formal ritual, as is done by the government of Punjab, every year on the 23rd of March at the Husainiwalla memorial of these martyrs.
Revolutionaries on this occasion are going to the working masses with a variety of mass programmes.Bhagat Singh had said, “They (the British) think that by destroying mybody they will be more secure in this country. They are in the wrong. They can
kill me but not my thoughts. They can cut my body into pieces but cannot suppress my dreams.” In fact, in ourcountry neither the British could be saved nor could Bhagat Singh’s dreams
be destroyed. History testifies that the dead Bhagat Singh has proved more dangerous than the living one. The youth has continued to be intoxicated by his revolutionary ideas making them
mad for revolution and freedom. They braved baton and bullets and kept on joining the lines of martyrs.
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