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ILPS: martyrdom of Hrant Dink

Hrant Dink, martyred in the course of peoples’ struggle
for freedom of expression and thought!

On Friday January 19, 2007, Hrant Dink, a progressive journalist in Turkey was murdered by an assassin in front of his office in Istanbul. Hrant Dink,a militant defender of democratic rights and freedom was the general editorof the weekly Agos, and was of Armenian descent. He was a vocal and active defender of human rights and persistently opposed violations of the people’s rights by the authorities in Turkey. For his endeavours he was persecuted by the fascist regime and was hounded and vilified by the racist and the chauvinist media. On numerous occasions his life was threatened by fascist and reactionary thugs attached to the state. His brutal murder by the hands of an assassin adds to the list the crimes and atrocities of the fascist and chauvinist regime in Turkey that perpetuates racial hatred, bigotry and has a total disregard for all democratic rights and freedoms of its citizens.

The reactionary regime, whose history of crimes and atrocities includes ethnic cleansing and genocide of national minorities including Armenians and Kurdish people, by targeting democratic intellectuals and journalists such as Hrant Dink, hopes to incite racial hatred and reactionary violence. At the same time hide the fact that in Turkey, abuse and total disregard for human rights and the denial of freedom of expression and association extends to all progressive and democratically minded sections of society including those of Turkish, Armenian, Kurdish origin or any other national minority.It was only in September 2006 that over 170 progressive journalists, trade unionists and activists were rounded up across the country on trumped up charges by the authorities. Many of those continue to remain in custody and are not allowed to receive legal advice. ……………………..

Despite the foul aims of the reactionary regime and its repressive forces,the news of Hrant Dink’s assassination has mobilised the widest progressive and democratic public opinion in Turkey and abroad to condemn the fascist regime in power as the real culprit in this gruesome crime and expressing their anger and indignation towards the reactionary attempts to roll back the peoples struggle for democracy and their freedom.

The cold-blooded murder of Hrant Dink is not an isolated case of attack against journalists and authors serving the people. According to the
International Federation of Journalists, 2006 was the worst year for media practitioners as 155 media personnel were murdered, assassinated and
enforcedly disappeared. Throughout the world hundreds of journalists are attacked, abducted, tortured and killed by the state- sponsored paramilitary forces and terror groups in order to silence the voice of people and stop the exposure of the crimes and atrocities of the imperialist powers and their reactionary allies and stooges such the fascist regime in power in

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS), stands shoulder to shoulder with the democratic and anti-imperialist people’s movement in
Turkey in condemning this criminal and barbaric act perpetuated upon orders of the Turkish fascist state. We extend our heartfelt solidarity with family and friends of Hrant Dink and extend our condolences for the loss of thishardened militant of the Armenian people everywhere. We express our militant support for all the tireless efforts of the progressive forces to unite and advance the democratic and anti-imperialist struggles of the peoples of Turkey that recently have had to endure and resist increased repression and attacks by the fascist regime in power in that country.

We call on all ILPS members and all democratic and anti-imperialist organisations and individuals to express their indignation and by participating in protest actions, convey their solidarity with the peoples of Turkey in their struggle to achieve democracy and freedom through national and social liberation from the yoke of imperialism and reaction.

ILPS General Secretariat


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