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How long will tribals be killed

How long will innocent Tribals be killed in the name of Naxalite by the Indian Army and Chhattisgarh Police…..


Only yesterday 25/12/06 both Maharastra Police and Chhattisgarh Police were taking pride in killing 4 youths near Gadhchiroli in the name of naxalites and seizing Telivision,Generator etc from them and now when the truth has come out that the youths killed in the name of Naxalite were innocent Tribals who were on the way to return rented T.V and Generator which they had brought to their village to watch movies the Chhattisgarh Police Chief and Army has put the blame completely on Maharastra Police.

Are we living in a civilized society?

Everyday innocent Tribals as young as 12 years are falling victim to the atrocities of Naga,Mizo and other forces patrolling the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh.

Yesterday in Village Chitoor near Sukma in Bastar region soldiers from the Mizo forces misbehaved with the Tribal women and there is huge protest against the Army.Infact today the people of Chitoor have called for Strike against the inhuman acts being committed by the Naga and Mizo Forces in these regions.

CM Raman Singh and DGP O.P Rathore have assured action against the culprits but the fact remains that are these people with power really want justice to prevail in Bastar?I doubt the honesty of the Politicians and the Beaureaucrates since they are playing in the hands of Industrial houses like Tata,Essar,Iffco and others whose sole aim is to drive the Tribals from bastar region so that they can enjoy the mineral reserve available in the Tribal areas.

Where is the main stream media and press who claim to bring truth and justice in front of the whole world?????




December 26, 2006 - Posted by | articles, tribal life


  1. the Mizo forces misbehaved with the Tribal women
    – This is unfortnate. What are your sources of this information? Can you provide more detail?

    Comment by benjamin | December 26, 2006

  2. Your view point is partial. Scores of innocent people are dieing but by so called Naxalites. Police is only retaliating to protect. Ta take Naxal evil is as evil as evil gets. Of course there are bound to be mistakes be it by Maharashtra police or any other. There will be people killed in friendly fire or by hostile fire till Naxal evil stops. We must support our police and military forces and not criticise them as they stem from main line getting their power from Indian Constitution and laying their life to protect it. Scores of innocent police men have died who went to fight a battle which was not there’s. They went from Bihar, from UP, from Punjab, from Tamilnadu, from North east and every nook and corner of India to do their duty and laid down their life. Bravo Indian police and army Bravo.

    Please see light people and dont react on mistakes which are far minimal in comparison of the good work.

    Comment by danny | December 27, 2006

  3. i lived in vidarbh. here police murdered tribles in fake incounter and propogate them as naxalites. there is strong human right violation in this cases but pur society sleeps calmly.
    this is shame for our so called democratik society

    Comment by sandeep | December 27, 2006

  4. […] Who said: […]

    Pingback by mi(sual).com | December 27, 2006

  5. Everyday innocent Tribals as young as 12 years are falling victim to the atrocities of Naga, Mizo and other forces patrolling the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh.

    Would appreciate it if you can print out the source of your information.

    Danny made a good point. I was posted at the naxal belt of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand during my short term with bp as a Management trainee (Sales exec). And from what I personally experienced from my interaction with all the locals there, they dread to face the wrath of the naxals more than the alleged atrocities of the security forces.

    For example, most of the roads are in pathetic conditions. Why? Because the naxals damaged them. Why? So that people travelling in vehicles will not be able to run away from them during an ambush/extortion. And anybody, be it tribals or non tribals, working to repair the roads are killed by the naxals. Hence there has to be the presence of the army in such a situation to protect the innocent tribals/non-tribals.

    Anyway, I do hope to read about where you got your source from. I mailed my friend working at a reputed news firm and he got no clue as to what incident you’re talking about here.


    Comment by illusionaire | December 27, 2006

  6. Dear Friends,
    Source of the information was “Dainik-Bhaskar” newspaper published from Raipur(C.G),Dated 26/12/06.It was a front page news.About The Mizo FORCES Misbehaviour with the Tribal women it was published the same day from Raipur in “HariBhoomi” newspaper.I will get it scanned and send it to you guys.The reason for me to believe these news is that I am from Bastar region and these fake killing are a common feature.I can confidently say that 90% of the boys and girls killed in the name of Naxalite are innocent people killed by the Armed Forces since its just impossible to differentiate who is naxalite and who is not.Do you know that once a Tribal is killed in the name of naxalite his/her family doesn’t even claim the body with the fear of Army and Police harassing them in the name of getting information.
    Danny has written about the Constitution of India.I will ask him is the constitution of India only meant for the rich and powerful?Constitution of India protects the sale and purchase of Tribal land by Non Tribal then how come all the Prime Tribal Land is in the hand of the Non-Tribals in Chhattisgarh?Bastar region comes under the schedule five area of the constitution of India then how come Tata Steel and Essae Steel which are Non-Tribal Organisation are being given permission to set up thier Industry under the Britesh Land Acquisition Act of 1894?”Salwa Judum” started by the State Government to please these MNC’s in the name of driving away the Naxalites has already killed nearlly 1000 Tribals,900 Villages are empty,nearlly 1lac Tribals have migrated to nearby states.Does anybody care?No because this was the sole idea of starting the “Salwa Judum” movement to drive the Tribals from thier homeland so that MNC’s like Tata,Essar,Iffco etc can enjoy the immense mineral reserve available underneath these Tribal land.I will ask you a simple question,will the Chief Minister and other top politician in the BJP led State Government of Chhattisgarh who came from different State only few years back will give a damn about the Indigenous Chhattisgarh people.For these Politicians belonging to upper caste the Tribals will only be treated as vote bank and untouchable at the same time.But these so called Upper Caste people completly forget that today if they have made millions its only because of the naiveness of the Tribal People. Being a Tribal State don’t you thing a Tribal CM would have cared more about the culture and traditions of the Tribals?
    Today Raipur is the Most polluted city in India?But for Raman Singh the polluting Industries is a sign of progress of the State.
    God only can help the Tribals of our Country since its happening every where whether its Orissa,Jharkhand,West bengal,Chhattishgarh etc.This is the only reason for rise in maoist movement in our country since the poor and Tribals have completly lost faith in the Governance and the Police of thier respective States.

    Comment by Prabhat | December 28, 2006

  7. Prabhat, that would be good and I think you should keep the habbit of quoting the source for any kind of news.

    Comment by benjamin | December 28, 2006

  8. thanks Benjamin,

    will try to be as precise as possible from now onwards…

    Comment by Prabhat | December 28, 2006

  9. Todays English paper “The Hitavada” published jointly from Nagpur,Raipur and Jabalpur has also written about the fake encounter.

    Few months back there were two heart warming killings by the State police for which they got awards also from the State Government.First was killing of a family which included mother,father and their 10 year old son.Once the police realised that these people were innocent the mother and father were termed as “Sangham Sadasya”(maoist sympathiser) and their son was termed as “Bal Sangham Sadasya”.Is it so easy to take lives by the man in power?
    Second was very recent when two teenage girl were shot by the CRPF force.One girl died on the spot and the other in the hospital.The father of the girls told news person that they had left home only few days back in search of work and were probably cooking food for themselves in the forest.Are the CRPF,Naga forces,Mizo forces and State police not trained to differentiate between the civilians and the bad guys?
    Now the biggest threat to the Tribals are the SPO’s who don’t have any training at all and whom the Army is using as a shield during their operation against the Maoist.

    Comment by Prabhat | December 29, 2006

  10. The cunning Indian state is playing the game as its imperialist masters taught it.using Naga batalian and Mizo forces to suppress the peoples movement in central India.and using the mainland forces to suppress the movements of the peoples of north east for the right of self condemn the the brutality of naga and mizo forces does not mean we are against the people of north east.infact we uphold there right to self determination.we should continuously protest against indian state’s brutal and heinous acts in north east.

    Comment by pramod | December 29, 2006

  11. Hi!Pramod,

    Very true.Afterall the armed forces are just small pawns in the hands of the imperialist and capitalist powers who sit in their air conditioned room and take decision which copromises the lives of millions of indegenous people whether its north-east or Bastar or Singur.

    has ratan tata ever visited Jagdalpur or Dantewada where their Steel project is coming up?Or Singur?Then how do you expect him to feel the pain of the displaced people who not only are loosing their homes but also their culture and tradition.

    I hold ratan tata responsible for the death of innocent Tribals since the start of “Salwa Judum” in Chhattisgarh.

    has the world forgotten when nearlly 20 Tribals were killed in Kaling Nagar in Orissa who were protesting the forcible acquisition of their land by the tata group in january this year???

    I hope the people of our country see the dirty side of these MNC’s whether its Tata,Reliance,Essar,Iffco etc and start boycotting their products.This is the only way to fight against the inhuman side shown by these MNC’s.


    Comment by Prabhat | December 29, 2006

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