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KULDEEP:the battle of oaxaca

By Kuldeep Prakash

The saga of resistance and rebellion continues in oaxaca, a southern state of Mexico.It was started with teacher’s strike in may.But now it is the peoples (using the term in its broadest meaning) revolt against neoliberal state of Mexico.they created a soviet like institution APPO containing 350 mass organisations which have representation of every class, community and section of the people.Government reacted, as it can be guessed, violently on protesters and sent the Federal Police Force(PFP) in oaxaca city. Peoples retaliated by barricading the city.In the last week of October police came out hugely and killed near about 40

student resisting police

protesters with many ‘disappeared’.A great battle is going on from previous 3-4 days in the streets of oaxaca.Police is shooting the peoples indiscriminately but people are still ‘nonviolent’ in their resistance. federal police surrounded the university of oaxaca on November 1.police fired killed and raped extensively but protesters forced it to retreat. the students of oaxaca had no weapons but rocks
and stones in retaliation. now police is mounting more and more repression day by day.yesterday APPO called for a magmas in the city for the demand to withdraw the federal police out of city.meanwhile the radio universidad (radio station of APPO) appealed peoples to remain non violent mentioning Mhatma Gandhi. Upto this time federal and state governments are refusing to call of the PFP. Zaptista rebels, active in nearby state of Chiapas declared their full support to movement.

As for as the political implications and the possible future of the movement is is a very important revolt of the Latin America but with some political weaknesses.APPO is still confined to partial is not clear on the question of the state power.the question of violence.the proletarian leadership is also lacking. the future of the revolt will depend on the answers of certain questions as how they succeed to forge alliance with Zaptista revolutionaries and other anti imperialist forces and masses all over the country.if they succeed only then they will capable to make a nationwide armed rebellion to complete National Democratic Revolution.

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November 6, 2006 - Posted by | articles, movements, news


  1. it is very good news that in latin america student movement is growing and becoming militent day by day. in all over the world student movement needs strong leadership with full class conciousness.
    so its character will be anty imperialist.
    my friend who lives in brazil tell me that in latin america strong student movement is not in existance.i will suggest him to read this article.

    Comment by anamil | November 6, 2006

  2. The report about resistance and rebellion in oaxaca is one of the very important world events about which we never came across in the main stream media .Even if we do come across about some (like now a days very often news about Indian maoists and Nepal maoists are in main stream news) but they are completley distorted or seems fabricated with mallicious intentions.
    Critical remarks made in the last lines of the report is most striking ,these types of resistances and rebellions must unite with right kind of forces and broad masses to gain a full victory over all kind of oppresions.

    Comment by Ashutosh | November 13, 2006

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