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PM Statement on december 13

(we are posting an excerpt from statement of the PM on December 13 attack.the statement reveals that Advani and Vajpai had prior information of the attack.this adds new doubts on official story of the case. – Editor)

Mr. Chairman, this is not an occasion to apportion blame or find fault with our system, whether it is of intelligence or of security arrangements. Yet, it is a fact that an attack on Parliament was quite anticipated. As early as on the 5th of this month, the hon. Home Minister, speaking at a meeting of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, had alluded to this threat to our Parliament.

In fact, one day before this attack took place, i.e. on 12th December, while speaking at Mumbai, the hon. Prime Minister himself had referred to the existence of this threat, such a threat to our Parliament. Subsequently, we have also learnt that the Maharashtra police, while interrogating a suspect Al-Qaeda member, Afroz in Mumbai informed the Central Government of the plans of this outfit to attack the Parliament. I have been told that the Maharashtra Government had informed the Central Government about what Afroz had told them. I have also been told that a member of the IB was also associated with the interrogation of Afroz.

Sir, that despite their advance warnings this daring and dastardly attack took place should make all of us sit back and reflect on the adequacy of our security and intelligence arrangements. The hon. Home Minister, some days ago, had publicly stated that there was no security breach. Yet, it is a fact that a car with terrorists armed to the teeth was allowed to roam about in the high security zone and pass through the outer gate and enter the compound of our Parliament.


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