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ANNISU-R Announces Month-long Protest Plans

THT Online
Kathmandu, November 2The student wing of the CPN Maoist — All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union-Revolutionary (ANNISU-R) — on Wednesday announced month-long protest programmes.
“We will fight for the right to expand our organisation and open free student unions at all ten plus two colleges, campuses and universities,” said Lekhnath Neupane, ANNISU-R president, at a press conference organised to make the protest plan public.
He said the number of teachers and employees should be fixed according to the number of students. He demanded permanent status to all the proposed schools.
He said ANNISU-R would work for restructuring the education sector and remove the names of autocratic rulers from curricula.
The ANNISU-R demands include replacing moral science course in the secondary level by some practical and scientific subjects, ending the business of education being carried out by army and police, ending the practice of investing on education by the people in the top positions of the state mechanism and political leadership, nationalising the education by compensating the middle class and national capitalists and seizing the properties of the cheaters and providing 75 per cent scholarship to the students from Dalit and deprived communities.
Besides the union has also demanded 50 per cent concession for students in petroleum products, health and transport services and the entertainment sector.
According to Neupane, struggle committees will be formed at all the +2 colleges and other educational institutions as a campaign for republic, a task force will be made to study the individual investment and total capital of the private educational institutions, a joint front of parents, teachers, students and other intellectuals to raise voice for immediate nationalisation of private educational institutions in the first phase. “A referendum will be conducted to find whether privatisation and nationalisation of education is good or bad; a special task force will be made from the women department of the union to study how the profession of the women working at cabin and dance restaurants can be made more decent and close message centers.”
“In the second phase, a mass action will be initiated in which Free Student Unions will be declared, unnecessary fees will be seized and returned to the respective students, action will be taken against corrupt administrators and investors,” Neupane said.

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