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ILPS Statement on Turky



The ruling classes in our country show their loyal collaboration to imperialism by deciding to send soldiers to Lebanon. Dissidents inside the country are blockaded and attacked by state force, because they constitute a big problem of the imperialist policies
For this reason, the ruling classes have developed and expanded their lynch culture in order to turn the people up against each other. The destroying-denying attacks against the Kurdish people, 9 year old Mizgin that was killed and the bomb attack in Diyarbakir show that these attacks continue.
Parallel to these brutal attacks, in top of the other aggressions come the attacks towards revolutionary persons and institutions; on September 5-6 2006, the protest actions against the decision by the state of sending soldiers to the Lebanon was attacked violently, more then 60 activists were taken under custody and about 18 of them were imprisoned.
As the reaction against these attacks still continues today; 26 people including the general chief of stuff of the revolutionary weekly paper Atilim Ibrahim Cicek and general broadcast chief of radio Ozgur were arrested in different districts during the operations and about 20 people (5 of them journalists) have been imprisoned.
With this it didn’t stop, on September 21 2006, at about 16:30 the general building of Atilim in Istanbul, Ozgur radio, Textil-Sen, Dayanisma news paper, trade union limiter-is (harbour workers union), ESP office (ESP Socialist platform of the Oppressed), Socialist Youth Association, Istanbul Labour Woman’s’ Association (EKD) and BEKSAV and other places in Turkey like the ESP and Atilim office were raid and people arrested. During these operations many types of equipment were broken and CD’s, photo cameras, computers were confiscated. 64 people including ESP representative Figen Yuksekdag were arrested.
Merely, the new anti-terror law that wants to be implemented in order to practice imperialist policies; and all these fascist attacks, can not break the resistance of the people against imperialism, nor can they discourage us! Our struggle against imperialism and their lackey regimes will continue and increase, the ones that struggle will win, this will be us!

Immediate release for the arrested activists!
Arrestment, imprisonments and Fascist oppression can not discourage us!

                                        ILPS Turkey Chapter


September 27, 2006 - Posted by | movements, statements

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