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articles on reservations

Anty reservation protests are once more getting momentum.brahminical concept of ‘merit’is being projected as common sense.we are posting some articles appeared in EPW 17 June issue,for contibuting to ongoing debate.- Editor

1.Satish Deshpande and Yogendra Yadav: Redesigning Affirmative Action: Castes and Benefits in Higher Education.

2. Pratap Bhanu Mehta: Democracy, Disagreement and Merit

3. Jayati Ghosh: Case for Caste-based Quotas in Higher Education

4. Rohini Somanathan: Assumptions and Arithmetic of Caste-based reservations

5. Kancha Ilaiah: Merit of Reservations

6. Ashwini Deshpande: The Eternal Debate


September 2, 2006 - Posted by | articles, Dalit, Education


  1. resevation is the concept has arose for fullfillment of the equality on the social basis india is the country has lots of the social varity an versity. it is difficult to recognize the people by there name in which caste an creed he/she belongs. india has long historical prosrectives in the sense of socisl versity
    so for the concern of the lower class of the constitution provided the policy of the reservation by the caste system b,coz in india the thinking is not so broadminded at all at time of freedom. most of tha are illetrate an nobodies were known abut there rights an the system is fully based on caste system who is the scially lower comes under the lower casss and then they were discrimiated without the any cause. that why the constitution makers has provided the this facility
    this is make for the good cause of action and constitutionally it has made for the 10years . arter the 10years if the govt. think fit so he can increase the period

    but now the situation has become to use reservation policy as the benerit of there vote bank policy.this topick has the lots aspects an views. which makes the dilema in our mind.the basic reason for default of this policy is not geting the proper impemention if it was implementated before in very transparent manner.

    Comment by renuka | September 6, 2006

  2. Facts:
    1. When academicians oppose quota, they do not mean that SC/ST/OBC candidates lack the innate ability and talent to do well in colleges.
    2. They only mean that unless a minimum criterion for admission is followed, “underprepared” students enter colleges. “underprepared” and NOT people without talent. If you are teaching physics in 2nd year course, an “underprepared” student may not be able to keep up if he/she has very poor background in high school physics and calculus (for example).
    3. Admitting such students in colleges only lower academic standards also creates frustration among those “underprepared” students. There are far larger number of underperforming students from reserved categories than the general category in IITs, for example.
    4. Points 1,2,and 3 do not count because ultimately the people who matter (unfortunately that also includes academicians who are more like politicians) want this to be a political debate and yell “How dare you say dalit students do not have merit?”, knowing fully well that it is only the preparedness of the student to do higher studies that counts and not necessarily his/her inborn talent.

    Comment by Akashdeep Singh Bitta | February 3, 2007

  3. reservation is the only plan of politicians to promote their own relatives,their sons daughters brothers etc.they can only facilitate them through question which i want to ask u all that is the powerty,unemployment and other problems are only for the these so called “dalits”.i agreed that they are also suffering from many typiucal problems but for solving their problem create problems for others is not fare.leaders say that “they” are poor i want to ask them that is any person belongs to general catagory is the gaurantee that the person is rich or he has enough to eat is all the reserved are poor that is not true. i m not against of reservation but it must be based on financial condition of person not on caste,reservation is being limited to a point.i think that government should improve its policies promotes to the provide the education to all people,to provide equal chances .in present time government make its frame of mind that to destroy the youth of GEN catagory.just save them ……………………..

    Comment by shalini | April 6, 2008

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