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LEBANON:After Resolution 1701

(This article originally appeared in znet, elaborates that UN resolution on
Lebanon is not a real solution of conflict but it merely represents the current balance of forces. it brilliantly traces the real motives of war and draws some important conclusions –Editor)   

The resolution adopted by the UN Security Council on August 11, 2006 fully satisfies neither Israel nor Washington nor Hezbollah. This does not mean that it is “fair and balanced”: it only means that it is a temporary expression of a military stalemate. Hezbollah could not inflict a major military defeat on Israel, a possibility that was always excluded by the utterly disproportionate balance of forces in the same way that it was impossible for the Vietnamese resistance to inflict a major military defeat on the U.S.; but neither could Israel inflict a major military defeat — or actually any defeat whatsoever — on Hezbollah. In this sense, Hezbollah is undoubtedly the real political victor and Israel the real loser in the 33-day war that erupted on July 12, and no speech by Ehud Olmert or George W. Bush can alter this obvious truth. [1]

In order to understand what is at stake, it is necessary to summarize the U.S.-backed goals that Israel was pursuing in its offensive. The central goal of the Israeli onslaught was, of course, to destroy Hezbollah. Israel sought to achieve this goal through the combination of three major means.

The first one consisted in dealing Hezbollah a fatal blow through an intensive “post-heroic,” i.e. cowardly, bombing campaign exploiting Israel’s “overwhelming and asymmetric advantage” in firepower. The campaign aimed at cutting Hezbollah’s road of supplies, destroying much of its military infrastructure (stocks of rockets, rocket launchers, etc.), eliminating a major number of its fighters and decapitating it by assassinating Hassan Nasrallah…………….

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August 18, 2006 - Posted by | articles

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  1. parisar ki activity ke bare me aap log koi news kyun nahi dete hain. parisar student movement ki baat karta hai, to priority me student activities honi chahiye uske bad hi dusari.asha hai ki turant hi student activities ke bare me aap news dena shuru karenge.

    Comment by radhe | August 25, 2006

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